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Lip Filler

Hyaluronic acid fillers are a very popular choice for reducing the appearance of facial lines and Volumizing lips.

The fillers we use in our practice are made from hyaluronic acid which is a substance found naturally in the body’s connective tissue.

Once injected, they have the ability to plump facial skin or in this instance the lips that have lost volume or elasticity through the ageing process, or can be used to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Fillers made from hyaluronic acid help maintain or restore hydration, volumize the skin and even help to stimulate NEW collagen growth.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally present in the human body, it is found in it’s highest concentrations in the eyes and bodies joints.

All lip procedures here at On Point will include a full consultation and are proceeded with a numbing cream.

Lip Filler - £135. Regenovue/Revolax/e.p.t.q/Nexfill
Juverderm or Restalyne + £80
Other brands available on request.

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