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Cheek Filler

Cheek filler is a safe way to enhance your facial profile.

Cheeks play a crucial role in your facial proportion as well as the overall appearance of your face. As you age the cheek loses volume and sags, thus affecting your entire look. Their may be many of you who will never develop the right volume in your cheeks due to genetic reasons, cheek filler can effortlessly restore youthfulness and vibrance to your face. 

Cheek fillers can create a noticeable difference in your face by contouring your mid face decreasing the nasal labial folds thus rejuvenating your entire appearance.

A subtle enhancement can refresh your gaunt and sunken face.

Cheek, chin and jaw - £150 per ml

Contour packages available
2ml - £275
3ml - £360
4ml - £455
5ml - £550
6ml - £625

On Point Aesthetics, Cheek Filler, Maidstone, Kent.
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